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Frequently Asked Questions


Please submit any questions to us by clicking here.








How do you determine if my piece is authentic?

The experts and consultants in our group have years of experience and knowledge in their field. Their individual experience and industry contacts are valuable resources. The Appraisers Road Show has an extensive network of scholars, experts, dealers, conservators, consultants, researchers and restorers, which it relies on.    




How do you determine value? 

Comparative price analysis, quality analysis, condition analysis, and the importance of the piece in the lifespan of an artist, or maker, are the basics for estimating both wholesale and retail values. We utilize databases, research libraries, auction catalogs, gallery catalogs, and draw on current day market experience to help determine current market value.  If formal appraisals are required most of our members provide formal USPAP compliant appraisals at additional fees. At our events we provide auction market estimates. 




How can I sell my item? And, where is the best place to sell? 

There are a number of ways and places to sell fine art, collectibles, and antiques. They include direct to collectors and investors, auctions sales, dealer sales, institution sales, and  online venues. Finding the best places requires understanding the advantages and disadvantages of each.




When is your next road show? 

The "Upcoming Events" section on this site, and our facebook page list future events. To be placed on our mailing list for updates submit your email here




Are your road shows by appointment? What does it cost to get my pieces looked at? 

The road shows are open to the public. No appointments are needed. Tickets are sold at the door. Each valuation, up to five valuations, cost just $5 each. ($25 maximum charge) After the first five valuations the remaining are at no charge. Admission is not charged. So, you can bring your friends and family members.


The money is directly donated to local charities, institutions or non profit organizations. Our past road shows have raised significant sums for museums, schools, religious organizations, and various charities.


Can I submit my items in advance with images?


Yes you can. We ask you to send a charitable donation of $5 per appraisal to the event venue. If you contact us, we will give you the specifics for each road show charitable venure, and the place to donate. More often, we prefer to view the items. A live viewing helps with our assessment.


With any items which are too large to bring to a road show event, we suggest you bring images showing both the entire piece and the details, like signatures and marks. Open daylight photographs are usually the best ways to take images of objects without professional lighting.


What else should I bring to the event?

Any information you know about the object can be helpful: How you came to own the piece, any past ownership history (provenance), documents, artist and maker names, and any documents and references related to the object. These are not always necessary, but in many cases such information may help determine the origin and the value more specifically.






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