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                Send us photograph (both full images and close up images) of the object(s), and we will call you with an opinion. email, or mail, the images and descriptions.

             The object's photographs are often best snapped in clear daylight- when possible.


              Take photos of any signatures, hallmarks, stamps, and the back sides of any object. Close up detailed images makes it  easier to determine the origin, quality and value.


              Include any relevant information, dimensions, condition you may have about your item. 


               Catagories include: Paintings, Prints, Posters, Sculpture, Jewelry, Silver, Coins, Toys, Military Relics, Oriental art and Ceramics, Jade, Tapestries, Fabrics, Sports Memorabilia, Stamps, Books, Documents, Photographs.



















           Our groups of experts offers years of experience interpreting and appraising fine art, antiques and collectibles. Each expert has a built in network of specialists. 


            .We can offer reseach on a need to know basis, or connect you with our group of certified appraisers.


             We offer research which includes comparable analysis of prices, quality, period of origin, place of origin, condition, maker, and artist . This helps both sellers and buyers feel more confident and assured.




            Finding the correct markets and buyers for fine art, antiques and collectibles is not always obvious. By using our databases, and our networks of contacts and buyers, we can help you navigate the complexities and find the advantages.


             Fine art, decorative art and collectibles have become an ever increasing and  important financial vehicle, for estates, individuals and businesses. Not all marketplaces achieve the same results.  Auctions can be appropriate for certain types of items. Other times, private collectors, dealers or institutions, or specialistized buyers provide better results. We guide clients through the complexities of the marketplace, so they can make informed decisions.





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